Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Vivid Imaginations Thunderbirds Are Go TB2!

     I really enjoyed the first 26 episodes of Thunderbirds Are Go.  It's a great series that honors the classic series while developing its own distinct identity.  The second series will premiere in the fall and I'm definitely looking forward to it.  Toys based on the new series have been getting released since 2015 and they are great.  The first addition to my collection came from longtime friend Mike Burrows of the Moonbase Central Blog.  For Christmas he was kind enough to send me the Vivid Imaginations Thunderbird 2.  It's a real beauty.
     The toy is very detailed and solid.  It has a detachable central pod which contains a small Thunderbird 4.  It has retractable landing struts and features sound effects and dialogue from TB2 pilot Virgil Tracy.  The wings also fold up for landing as featured in the series.  A great toy all around. Check out the photos.  Enjoy!