Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Takara 1/144 Scale Rescue Mecha Collection Hydrofoil Fab 1!

     An interesting and somewhat unusual addition to Takara's Rescue Mecha Collection is a small Fab1 with its hydrofoils extended.  This is very cool.  The tiny model is mounted to a foam flotation frame.  According the instructions, a separate universal water motor (see photos below) can be mounted to the flotation frame and propel the model through the water.  Interesting gimmick.  I'm not inclined to use the model as a water toy so this feature is less important to me.  Although tiny, the model is well detailed.  Due to how the hydrofoils are attached to the model; it's impossible to display without the flotation frame.   it still looks great as you'll see in the photos.  Enjoy!

The separate Takara universal water motor.
My full fleet of  Fab1 toys

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