Friday, July 29, 2016

The Takara 1/144 Scale Rescue Mecha Collection Excavator!

     The next model in the 1/144 Scale Rescue Mecha Collection is the Excavator.  This vehicle was used in only a single episode of Thunderbirds, The Martian Invasion.  Despite the title, the episode revolves around arch nemesis, The Hood sabotaging  a film location in order to draw out International Rescue.  The Excavator is used to rescue two actors trapped in a cave after a demolition effect goes awry.   The vehicle uses rotating grinders at the front to demolish rock. 
     The model is very nice.  Just like the Transmitter Truck, the caterpillar undercarriage can be detached and replaced by a working, radio control unit that is available in another set.  At some point I'd like to get that.  The details are great and include dirtying down consistent with the orginal filming miniature.  Check out the photos below.  Enjoy!

All of the Excavators that are currently in my collection.

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