Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Takara 1/144 Scale Rescue Mecha Collection Master Elevator Car!

     The next model I want to feature is the Master Elevator Car.  This unusual vehicle made its only appearance the premiere episode of Thunderbirds, Trapped in the Sky.  This and a group of radio controlled subsidiary elevator cars were used as substitute landing gear for the atomic powered Fireflash airliner.  The aircraft's landing gear had been compromised by a radiological bomb that would detonate if the gear were lowered.   The aircraft instead landed on the strategically placed elevator cars.  This exciting episode really set Thunderbirds apart an guaranteed popularity that has lasted 50 years.
     The model is really nice and solidly made.  I'm a big fan of the elevator car design and it's nice to finally have it in 1/144 scale.  As always, I prefer to let my photos do the talking.  Enjoy!

Here are all of the Elevator Cars in my collection including the Charawheels, Konami, and Bandai versions.

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