Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Takara 1/144 Scale Rescue Mecha Collection Hydrofoil Fab 1!

     An interesting and somewhat unusual addition to Takara's Rescue Mecha Collection is a small Fab1 with its hydrofoils extended.  This is very cool.  The tiny model is mounted to a foam flotation frame.  According the instructions, a separate universal water motor (see photos below) can be mounted to the flotation frame and propel the model through the water.  Interesting gimmick.  I'm not inclined to use the model as a water toy so this feature is less important to me.  Although tiny, the model is well detailed.  Due to how the hydrofoils are attached to the model; it's impossible to display without the flotation frame.   it still looks great as you'll see in the photos.  Enjoy!

The separate Takara universal water motor.
My full fleet of  Fab1 toys

Friday, July 29, 2016

The Takara 1/144 Scale Rescue Mecha Collection Excavator!

     The next model in the 1/144 Scale Rescue Mecha Collection is the Excavator.  This vehicle was used in only a single episode of Thunderbirds, The Martian Invasion.  Despite the title, the episode revolves around arch nemesis, The Hood sabotaging  a film location in order to draw out International Rescue.  The Excavator is used to rescue two actors trapped in a cave after a demolition effect goes awry.   The vehicle uses rotating grinders at the front to demolish rock. 
     The model is very nice.  Just like the Transmitter Truck, the caterpillar undercarriage can be detached and replaced by a working, radio control unit that is available in another set.  At some point I'd like to get that.  The details are great and include dirtying down consistent with the orginal filming miniature.  Check out the photos below.  Enjoy!

All of the Excavators that are currently in my collection.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thunderbirds Cast Autographs!

     In 2015, my very good friend Mike Burrows attended Andercon in the UK.  While there, he was kind enough to acqcuire autographs of the surviving Thunderbirds cast members for me.  These included Shane Rimmer (Scott Tracy), Jeremy Wilkin (Virgil Tracy), Matt Zimmerman (Alan Tracy), and David Graham (Gordon Tracy, Brains, and of course, Parker).  I'm forever grateful to Mike for this.  Enjoy!

Shane Rimmer
Jeremy Wilkin
Matt Zimmerman 
David Graham

The Takara 1/144 Rescue Mecha Collection Airport Fire Engine!

     One of the unique additions to the 1/144 Scale Rescue Mecha Collection sets was the addition of the Airport Fire Engine.  It's not an International Rescue vehicle, rather a standard fire engine in use by London Airport in 2065 for crash emergencies.  Like the elevator cars, this fire vehicle made its debut in the premiere episode, Trapped in the Sky.  It's rare to see guest vehicles from Thunderbirds getting made into models or toys, so it's a welcome addition to my collection.  Enjoy!

The Takara 1/144 Scale Rescue Mecha Collection Subsidiary Elevator Car!

     Here we have the 1/144 scale Subsidiary Elevator Car.  Like the master Car, this vehicle made its sole appearance the premiere episode of Thunderbirds, Trapped in the Sky.  Thunderbird 2 appears to be able to carry four elevator cars at one time.  The Master car operator must coordinate the operation of the subsidiary cars single handed.  In the episode, one of the subsidiary cars develops a fault in its radio control receiver and careens out of control into a nearby unoccupied airliner.  This forced Virgil to summon the fourth car from TB2.
      As with the Master Car, this model is gorgeous.  At 1/144 scale, all of the structural details look brilliant.  Don't take my word for it, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Enjoy!

The Takara 1/144 Scale Rescue Mecha Collection Master Elevator Car!

     The next model I want to feature is the Master Elevator Car.  This unusual vehicle made its only appearance the premiere episode of Thunderbirds, Trapped in the Sky.  This and a group of radio controlled subsidiary elevator cars were used as substitute landing gear for the atomic powered Fireflash airliner.  The aircraft's landing gear had been compromised by a radiological bomb that would detonate if the gear were lowered.   The aircraft instead landed on the strategically placed elevator cars.  This exciting episode really set Thunderbirds apart an guaranteed popularity that has lasted 50 years.
     The model is really nice and solidly made.  I'm a big fan of the elevator car design and it's nice to finally have it in 1/144 scale.  As always, I prefer to let my photos do the talking.  Enjoy!

Here are all of the Elevator Cars in my collection including the Charawheels, Konami, and Bandai versions.

The Takara 1/144 Scale Rescue Mecha Collection Transmitter Truck!

     Back in 2004, Takara produced a series of  Thunderbirds pod vehicle sets called the 1/144 Scale Rescue Mecha Collection.  These highly detailed models are somewhat rare now.  I managed to find two sets on Ebay at an amazing price.  The first model I want to feature is the International Rescue Transmitter Truck.   This vehicle only featured in the episode, Sunprobe.   In the episode it was used in conjunction with Thunderbird 3 to broadcast a an override signal to a crippled spacecraft that was on a collision course with the Sun.   It ended up saving Thunderbird 3 when it, too,  couldn't pull away from the Sun.
     The model has an amazing amount of detail.  It has also been dirtied down in a way that would make Derek Meddings proud.  The undercarriage on this model can be detached and replaced with a motorized version (sold in a separate set I don't yet have) that will run the tracks and rotate the antenna via radio control.   As a standalone model it's gorgeous, but I'll let the photos prove that point.  Enjoy!

The Takara 1/144 Transmitter Truck alongside the Konami, Charawheels, and Bandai versions.