Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ron Cobb Aliens LV-426 Colony Art!

     My final post for Alien Day is comprised of Ron Cobb's concept art for the Hadley's Hope colony complex on LV-426.  Cobb's designs for the colony included the main complex, the enormous atomosphere processing station, and even the colony's support vehicles.  Enjoy!

Note the early Cobb dropship design in the background

Ron Cobb definitely thinks about the realism of his designs as evidenced by the amount of detail here

The colony support vehicle that would eventually become the Jordan's wildcatting ATV 

Ron Cobb Aliens APC Concept Art!

     Here's a great selection of  Ron Cobb's concept art for the Colonial Marine Corps' Armored Personnel Carrier.  It's clear that many aspects of Cobb's early designs DID make it into the finished vehicle.  The full sized APC was built around an existing airport support vehicle.

The final screen used APC and the airport tender it was built around.

Syd Mead and James Cameron USS Sulaco Concept Art!

     A nice selection of concept illustrations of the Colonial Marine Corps starship, USS Sulaco.  I do very much love this design.   Syd Mead designed this vessel with a steer from James Cameron.  Mead's early ilustrations convey a practical and realistic starship design, but Cameron realized that it would be practical for miniature filming.  Cameron created a quick, but very cool design sketch that
helped Mead find the right path to the final design.  Enjoy!

This feels more like a space colony than a starship

This at least has a drive array

The James Cameron sketch that put Syd Mead on the right track

Nearly the final design

Ron Cobb Aliens Dropship Concept Art!

     A nice selection of concept design illustrations for Colonial Marine Corps' iconic aerospace craft.   This, the USS Sulaco, and the APC were the major highlights for me when I first saw Aliens.  Enjoy!

I've seen variations on this early Cobb design in a number of comics over the years

Ron Cobb And Moebius Costume And Prop Alien Concept Art!

     A selection of concept art illustrations depicting the Nostromo uniforms, spacesuits, and additional props.  Very interesting design evolution.  Enjoy!

A version of this early design appears in the film as the suits seen in the emergency lockers.

Very nearly the completed design

Monday, April 25, 2016

Neca Weyland Yutani Commando Figure!

     Although I'm not the biggest fan of Alien 3; the elite Weyland Yutani commandos that feature in the film's climax were very cool.  Unlike the Colonial Marines of the second film, very little has been documented about the commandos.  There are no stand alone costume photos or any published concept art.  All we had is what could be seen from screen captures...until now.  The collectible toy manufacturer Neca is set to release the commando figure this  summer.  I'm not an action figure collector, but I might have to make an exception in this case.  Check out the pre release images below.

Ron Cobb Nostromo Auxiliary Craft Concept Art!

     Here is a selection of Cobb's designs for the Nostromo's lifeboat, Narcissus, as well as some auxiliary craft that didn't make it into the final film.  Enjoy!

Nearly the final design

A Version of this appears in Ridley Scott's storyboard