Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Awesome Bandai Diecast Thunderbird 4!

    For many years, I've wanted to own the 1992 Bandai diecast Thunderbirds 4, but collector's costs made that impossible.  That changed recently.  I bought a lot of five Bandai Thunderbirds toys (MIB) for a price so low it was astounding.  Among those acquisitions was the TB4 I had long sought.  Let me tell you; it was worth the wait.
    The toy is extremely well made; very durable.  The details are fantastic.  The only special features it has are the pivoting lamp array and a spring loaded missile launcher in the bow.  There are also wheels on the underside, but that's consistent with Bandai at that time.  The canopy is opaque so there are no cockpit details to consider.  All in all, a great addition to the collection.  check out my photos and enjoy!

The button on the top of the cockpit is for the missile launcher.

The small projection you see behind the lamp array on the port side is the missile.  The toy comes with three of these.

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