Saturday, April 4, 2015

Thunderbirds Are Go Launches Today!

     If you're in the UK then today's your lucky day because Thunderbirds Are Go has premiered!  I've been reading viewer responses on Facebook and it has been mostly positive.  Still hoping for a US release before the end of the year.  Only time will tell.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Video Of TB4 Cruising Through The Thames!

     As if the photos weren't exciting enough; I've found a video of this cool promotional event.  Enjoy!

Full Sized TB4 Spotted Cruising The Thames!

     This is by far the coolest promotional tie-in for a new TV series I've ever seen.  A full sized Thunderbird 4 cruising the Thames.  Absolutely amazing!  I suppose it's a good thing I wasn't
in the UK to see this because it would have been impossible to restrain my inner 10 year old.  At least we have these awesome photos.  Enjoy!

Thunderbirds Are Go TB1 Details!

     Finally, we have the new TB1 in all of its glory.  I DO like this design though not to the same degree as TB2 or TB4.  I have no silly gripes about the design; it just didn't grab me the way TB2 certainly did.  I really need to see this craft action first.  Enjoy!

Thunderbirds Are Go TB2 Details!

     Here we have the details for the new TB2.  I absolutely love this design.  It just looks so awesome!  Everything I love about the classic design with a somewhat meaner appearance.  I can't wait to this in action.  Enjoy!

Thunderbirds Are Go TB3 Details!

          I've really grown fond of this new design since it was first revealed last year.  It in no way betrays the original design and manages to instill elements that are futuristic in contemporary way.  I'm very pleased!  Enjoy!

Thunderbirds Are Go Premieres In Just Two Days!

     Although we may not be getting it here in the US quite yet; our friends in the UK will be seeing the one hour premiere of Thunderbirds Are Go this Saturday.  Naturally, I'm very excited and just a tad jealous.  The 50th anniversary of the classic Thunderbirds series is epic!