Thursday, March 12, 2015

The New Lady Penelope And Parker From Thunderbirds Are Go!

     Here we have the new lady Penelope and Parker as they will appear in Thunderbirds Are Go.  Very cool in my opinion.  I can certainly understand the need to make Penny younger.  It's a very appealing design.  my favorite by far is the new Parker.  He has all of the visual qualities that will please classic Parker fans while giving him a leaner and meaner quality.  He definitely looks like he could sort a bloke or two out.  It looks like Penny will have a pet pug which isn't necessarily a bad thing.  Here we also get a glimpse of the new FAB1.  As a toy collector, I've been excited as to what the new design will look like since no toy images for it have been revealed.  I'm not disappointed with whatt I see.  Can't wait to see it hit the road when the new series premieres.  Enjoy!

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