Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Decent Matchbox & Yujin Mini TB4 Toys!

     I'd like to take the time to give honorable mention to the Matchbox & Yujin Mini TB4 toys.  Both are quite small and lack the details of their larger trading kit cousins.  Still and all, a TB4 collection wouldn't be complete without them.  The Matchbox TB4 was really just a tiny accessory for their Diecast TB2.  For what it was intended to be, it's alright.  A painted bit of diecast with a hollow underside and minimal detail.  The Yujin version is a bit nicer.  It was a vending machine toy and it features a surprising bit of detail for something so small.  Check out the photos below.  Enjoy!

Unfortunately, my Matchbox TB4 is showing paint wear.

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