Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Full TB4 Fleet Together!

     Well, although February was intended to feature all of my smaller TB4 toys and models; we're finishing it up here in the middle of March.  Catching up on things as quickly as I can.  I do hope you've enjoyed these postings and for the remainder of this month we'll have a look at Thunderbird 3.  Enjoy!

The Decent Matchbox & Yujin Mini TB4 Toys!

     I'd like to take the time to give honorable mention to the Matchbox & Yujin Mini TB4 toys.  Both are quite small and lack the details of their larger trading kit cousins.  Still and all, a TB4 collection wouldn't be complete without them.  The Matchbox TB4 was really just a tiny accessory for their Diecast TB2.  For what it was intended to be, it's alright.  A painted bit of diecast with a hollow underside and minimal detail.  The Yujin version is a bit nicer.  It was a vending machine toy and it features a surprising bit of detail for something so small.  Check out the photos below.  Enjoy!

Unfortunately, my Matchbox TB4 is showing paint wear.

The Brilliant F-Toys TB4!

     The last of the small TB4 models in my collection is the brillant F-Toys trading kit.  It's just slightly smaller than the Konami version and just as detailed.  Like its Konami cousin; this version has a tiny Gordon Tracy at the helm.  The really interesting aspect are the details on the model's underside.  There are paneling and vent details that I've never seen on any other model of TB4.  Check out the photos below.  Enjoy!

Very interesting details.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thunderbirds Are Go TB4 Details!

     Here we the structural details for the new TB4.  I absolutely loved this design from the first moment it was unveiled.  It's instantly recognizable.  It acknowledges its classic series counterpart while creating a much sleeker profile.  It can't wait to see this craft in action when the new series premieres.  Enjoy!

The New Lady Penelope And Parker From Thunderbirds Are Go!

     Here we have the new lady Penelope and Parker as they will appear in Thunderbirds Are Go.  Very cool in my opinion.  I can certainly understand the need to make Penny younger.  It's a very appealing design.  my favorite by far is the new Parker.  He has all of the visual qualities that will please classic Parker fans while giving him a leaner and meaner quality.  He definitely looks like he could sort a bloke or two out.  It looks like Penny will have a pet pug which isn't necessarily a bad thing.  Here we also get a glimpse of the new FAB1.  As a toy collector, I've been excited as to what the new design will look like since no toy images for it have been revealed.  I'm not disappointed with whatt I see.  Can't wait to see it hit the road when the new series premieres.  Enjoy!

The New Brains Behind The Thunderbirds!

     Well, here he is, the new Brains for Thunderbirds Are Go!  I like this new design.  He embodies what we like about the classic character and adds some nice design flourishes.  I dig the skin tone.  I also like how they kept the classic look of the glasses.  I'm excited to see him in action when the new series premieres. Enjoy!

Thunderbirds Are Go TB5 Details!

     Although I wasn't blown away when I first saw the new TB5 design; I have found it appealing as I've seen more of it.  I can certainly see how it evolved from the classic design.  This image gives us a better insight into IR's most critical piece of hardware.  The one thing I'm really curious about is the space elevator. In SF terms I know what space elevators traditionally do, but here I'm baffled.  I can't wait to find out though when the series premieres.  Enjoy!

Happy Birthday To Mike Burrows aka Scoop Of The Moonbase Central Blog!

   He's a cool guy and a great friend

Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Break To Mark The Passing of Leonard Nimoy

    Just taking this week off to mark the passing of actor leonard Nimoy.   Whether as Mr. Spock on Star Trek or William Bell on Fringe; he was amazing.  For those of my generation he was a powerful presence on American television.  I could go on, but others have expressed their feelings and respect for him more eloquently than I am able to do.  He was one of The Greats  and no on can take that away.  God Bless Him and his family at this time.