Saturday, February 7, 2015

Behold Thunderbird 4!

     February is Thunderbird 4 month here at The Secret Space Base!  TB4 is International Rescue's aquatic/undersea rescue craft.  Piloted by Gordon Tracy; it's carried to danger zones aboard Pod 4 of Thunderbird 2.  Although small when compared to the other Thunderbird craft; it's an important piece of hardware that played a crucial role in numerous episodes including Terror in New York City, Operation Crash Dive, and Atlantic Inferno.
     I've always been a fan of TB4's unique design.  Derek Meddings knocked this one out of the park!  As submarines go; you couldn't ask for something that looked sleeker in 1965.  Every appearance it made during the show's run was awesome.  It's equipped with a variety of cutting tools, manipulators, and magnetic grapples.  It's even armed with torpedoes for use in extreme circumstances.
     Throughout February I'll be posting the contents of my Thunderbird 4 model collection.  I hope you'll be around for that.  Enjoy!


  1. Will, a belated Happy Birthday. I'm in my usual 'catch-up' mode here. Family matters have caused a big slow-down in posting and blog reading and if that weren't bad enough, I got a bug up my behind and decided to revamp The Cave! I've just read all the posts back to January and have enjoyed every one - would love to start collecting more Gerry Anderson but....

  2. I too am in catch up mode myself. I understand entirely.