Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Konami TB4 Will Blow You Out Of The Water!

     Of all the trading kit versions of Thunderbird 4 that I've seen; the Konami TB4 ranks highest in my book. It's a great looking model with an amazing amount of detail.  Great panel lines, excellent labeling, and brilliant weathering.  What really knocks it out for me is the cockpit.  There are control details as well as a miniature Gordon Tracy at the helm.  Brilliant all round!  Check out the photos below.  Enjoy!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Incredible Aoshima Minimetal TB4!

     When it comes to Thunderbirds mini models; Aoshima really impresses.  Their TB4 is really amazing.  In terms of size it's on par with its Konami cousin.  It's a diecast model which makes it very sturdy.  The details are really exceptional.  Numerous small structural details and some great weathering.  Unlike its Konami counterpart, there is no cockpit detailing.  Just a deep blue windscreen.  A VERY minor disappointment.  It shouldn't derail anyone from buying it.  Check out the photos below and enjoy!

Filming in Supermarionation! A Cool Look Behind The Scenes!

New Andercon 2015 Promo With Scott Tracy!

     This is just too cool!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Thunderbird 4 Custom Autos!

     In retrospect; it seems like a no brainer.  Of all the Thunderbirds craft; TB4 is perfect for custom a custom car conversion.  I would LOVE to drive a car that looked like Thunderbird 4.  Fome some folks this is not merely wishful thinking.  Check out the really cool photos below.  Enjoy!

Dive Into Awesome With The Bandai Scramble Machine 6 TB4!

     First on month long look at my Thunderbird 4 collection is the all-plastic version included in the Bandai Scramble Machine 6 set.  It's a nice little model with a reasonable amount of detail. It was exclusive to the set much like the TB5 I featured last week.  It's just slightly larger than its Konami cousin.   The canopy is simply a painted on detail and the decals are the only thing giving it any real color variation.  Don't take this as criticism; it's still a nice model.  The only other detail of note are the subtle wheels on its underside.  Check out the photos below.  Enjoy!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Behold Thunderbird 4!

     February is Thunderbird 4 month here at The Secret Space Base!  TB4 is International Rescue's aquatic/undersea rescue craft.  Piloted by Gordon Tracy; it's carried to danger zones aboard Pod 4 of Thunderbird 2.  Although small when compared to the other Thunderbird craft; it's an important piece of hardware that played a crucial role in numerous episodes including Terror in New York City, Operation Crash Dive, and Atlantic Inferno.
     I've always been a fan of TB4's unique design.  Derek Meddings knocked this one out of the park!  As submarines go; you couldn't ask for something that looked sleeker in 1965.  Every appearance it made during the show's run was awesome.  It's equipped with a variety of cutting tools, manipulators, and magnetic grapples.  It's even armed with torpedoes for use in extreme circumstances.
     Throughout February I'll be posting the contents of my Thunderbird 4 model collection.  I hope you'll be around for that.  Enjoy!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Thunderbirds Are Go 2015 Minature Sets!

     Here's a short, but very cool introduction to the miniature environments we can expect in Thunderbirds Are Go! It's clear that the good folks at Weta have been working hard.   Enjoy!