Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Breaking News....New Thunderbirds Tracy Island Toy Revealed!

     Today The British Daily Mirror revealed our first look at the new Tracy Island playset for the upcoming Thunderbirds Are Go series.  I gotta tell you, I'm impressed.  Vivid Imaginations appears to have outdone themselves.  It will feature a variety of electronic lights and sounds as well as action features.  It's set to be released this July.  It looks fantastic to me!  I'll let you decide for yourselves how cool it is with the photos below as well as the link to the original article.

The very cool Box art
What a sight!  The wrist device somehow interacts with the playset
Innocent pool?
Thunderbird 1's hidden hangar! 
Thunderbird 2 leaving hangar!
Ready for Takeoff!
Thunderbird 3 is ready for Blast off!
Thunderbird 4 Ready for action!
Inside the hidden hangars.
Could it be Brains' lab?
The watch like interactive control unit


  1. The toys look much more like the original C21 models than the awful 90's models. Im impressed