Saturday, January 31, 2015

Supermarionation Book Of The Month: Filmed In Supermarionation!

     As a closing post for the month of January I'd like to take a few moments to discuss a great book.  Stephen La Riviere's 2009 book, Filmed In Supermarionation.  Many books have been written on the subject of Gerry Anderson and his classic television productions, but La Riviere's book is the best I've read. It may well be the final word on Supermarionation and the many talented people who brought Anderson's vision to life on the large and small screen.
     La Riviere takes a scholarly and unflinching look at  the behind the scenes world of Century 21 Productions.  This isn't an episode guide or similiar lite tome; it gets to the heart of matters that aren't always cheerful.  Gerry and Sylvia faced their  share of difficulties and frustrations.  It's not an easy read at times.
     If you're interested in the real story behind Thunderbirds, Stingray, and Captain Scarlet; this book is a must have.  Its 200 pages are loaded to the gills with great photos and imagery from the heydays of
Supermarionation.  There's also a fair amount of rare concept illustrations from Derek Meddings and Mike Trim.  I love this book and highly recommend to all Gerry Anderson and Supermarionation fans.
      It should also be noted that la Riviere translated his book into a very successful documentary film in 2014 which I hope to soon see.  In addtion to the film an updated version of this fine book was included with the deluxe release of the Documentary.

Sylvia Anderson and her Fireball XL5 alter ego Venus.

A radio interview with Stephen La Riviere discussing the book

The very cool trailer for the documentary

Even More Thunderbirds Are Go TB2 Toy Images!

     The hits just keep on coming in the Thunderbirds Are Go toyline from Vivid Imaginations.  Although we've seen some images of the big TB2 toy;  there are some additional photos from better angles that I wanted to add.  Enjoy!

My Whole TB5 Collection Together In One Place!

    Here they, my complete TB5 collection.  My month long tribute to International Rescue's orbital sentinal comes to an end.  Judging by the amount of hits my TB5 posts have recieved; ghe tribute was a success. There's a lot of love out there for this fictional space station.  That's as it should be.  Next month we continue our Thunderbirds 50th Anniversary proceedings by celebrating a certain yellow submarine that never needed a band to sing its praises.  That's right, February is Thunderbird 4 month at The Secret Space Base!  Hope to see you here!

The Yujin TB5 Diorama Is A Sight To See!

     When it comes to cool, Thunderbirds models; the Japanese are experts.  More than half of the Thunderbirds toys and models I own are Japanese products.  That being said, the trading kit you're about to see is just amazing.  It's the Yujin TB5/Tracy Island diorama.  Although fairly small, it packs a punch.  It features a detailed TB5 high in orbit over Tracy Island with tiny versions of the main craft taking off.  This is a great little kit.  It requires some assembly, but it's very simple.  It was the companion piece to a larger set of trading kits used to create a complete Tracy Island which I'll be posting in February.  Check out the photos below.  Enjoy!

The Bandai Scramble Machine 6 TB5 Is Shiny!

     Well, we're at the end of January and the last of my stand alone Thunderbird 5 models.  This one coes to us courtesy of the Bandai Scramble Machine 6 collector's set.  This set included Japanese releases of the Matchbox TB1, TB3, and Fab 1, while incorporating exclusive TB2, TB4, and TB5 models.  The TB5 is all plastic with a mostly chrome finish.  You can reflect the sun off this model to blind people.  It's reasonably accurate in terms of detail, but little color variation n the parts.  What isn't chrome is either red or brown plastic.  It's not bad though for a Bandai exclusive.  It was meant be able to dock with the Matchbox TB3, but the latter is so heavy it pulls the model right over on its display stand.  All in all; not a bad piece for the collection.  The photos below will give you a good idea of what I'm talking about.  Enjoy!

Bandai TB5 in comparison to Matchbox TB3

Saturday, January 24, 2015

The F-Toys Thunderbird 5 Will Have You Sitting On Top Of The World!

     This week's entry in my collection is the small, but very impressive F-Toys Thunderbird 5!  This one is a dandy!  Certainly not as large as its Konami or Aoshima cousins; this version is just as detailed.  The F-Toys Thunderbirds models are really well made.  I highly recommend them to any Thunderbirds collector.  I'll let the images below prove my point.  Enjoy!

More Great Thunderbirds Are Go Toy Images!

    The more I see of the new Line of Thunderbirds toys; the more excited I get.  These next images relate to the Thunderbirds craft themselves.  Vivid Imaginations really seem to be on the ball with these offerings! The word on the street is that the toys will hit the shelves this July.  I hold out little hope for a US release at this point, but that's okay; I'll always have Ebay.  Enjoy the images below!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Breaking News....New Thunderbirds Tracy Island Toy Revealed!

     Today The British Daily Mirror revealed our first look at the new Tracy Island playset for the upcoming Thunderbirds Are Go series.  I gotta tell you, I'm impressed.  Vivid Imaginations appears to have outdone themselves.  It will feature a variety of electronic lights and sounds as well as action features.  It's set to be released this July.  It looks fantastic to me!  I'll let you decide for yourselves how cool it is with the photos below as well as the link to the original article.

The very cool Box art
What a sight!  The wrist device somehow interacts with the playset
Innocent pool?
Thunderbird 1's hidden hangar! 
Thunderbird 2 leaving hangar!
Ready for Takeoff!
Thunderbird 3 is ready for Blast off!
Thunderbird 4 Ready for action!
Inside the hidden hangars.
Could it be Brains' lab?
The watch like interactive control unit