Saturday, October 4, 2014

Takara's Hiller Flying Platform!

     I've long been a fan unusual aviation concepts, especially flying platforms.  It's such a cool, though highly impractical; concept.  In 1953 the Hiller Aircraft Corporation in conjuction with the Office of Naval Research (ONR) developed the VZ-1 Pawnee flying platform.  It looks really cool!  I've read that it was nearly impossible to fly properly.  A bit like piloting an over sized weed whacker. The Pima Air & Space Museum here in Tucson has one on display.  A few years back the Japanese company Takara released a series of trading kits featuring unusual military concepts which included the Hiller platform.  I love this little kit.  The details are amazing.  It certainly has a place of honor in my collection.  Check out the photos below and a video of the real deal in action.  Enjoy!


  1. One day, practical personal flight will be possible. 1953s attempt was a game start.

  2. I certainly hope you're right my friend.

  3. There's a very popular Spanish space/ super hero toy, which must be based on this design Will. Never seen a US/ UK version of the toy but here it is: EL ESPIA DEL ESPACIO

  4. This video answers all of your questions

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