Saturday, October 4, 2014

New Thunderbirds Are Go 2015 Images!

     Just found some more FAB images from the upcoming Thunderbirds Are Go 2015 series.  We even have our first look at the heroic Tracy brothers.  From everything I've seen so far WETA and Pukeko Pictures are doing a fantastic job!  I just hope US fans like myself will have a chance to see the new series.  Between this and Firestorm, 2015 will be a phenomenal year for Jamie Anderson and Anderson Entertainment.  The 50th anniversary of Thunderbirds will be special indeed!  Enjoy!

TB1 just enough changes that the design looks updated without ignoring its predecessor.

TB2 is looking really good!

Still my favorite updated design.

Our boys in blue!  I like how their sashes have become functional LBVs.  I wonder if the boys will still carry sidearms.


  1. Those are some great images Will. I don't know yet if I'm goin' to start collecting any of the tie-ins with the show. It is always best to get in on the ground floor before prices get astronomical!

  2. You said it my friend. I'm already planning on adding them to my collection.

  3. I'm really looking forwards to the show. I am a MASSIVE Gerry Anderson fan...and rate Thunderbirds as NUMERO UNO of his puppet shows. I'm glad that they have actually sat down and thought about the redesigns for the Thunderbirds craft.