Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Firestorm Kickstarter Campaign Surpassing Initial Goals!

     The initial launch of the new Gerry Anderson project, Firestorm on the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter has already exceeded its minimum target of raising £49,000 in less than 96 hours and is now focusing on reaching its ‘stretch goal’ of £135,000 over the next 27 days left to make a 22 minute pilot episode.
Fans of iconic Gerry Anderson shows like Space: 1999, Stingray, Captain Scarlet, UFO and Thunderbirds can now back the project to help fund the pilot episode in return for special limited edition rewards from props and collector edition DVDs, to set visits and film credits.
Firestorm is a Gerry Anderson concept that was originally produced and released by a Japanese company as an anime series across Japan and South East Asia in 2003. This new version of the Gerry Anderson concept has been redeveloped from Gerry’s original synopsis and story outline documents.
The funding already raised from the Kickstarter campaign now ensures that a mini pilot episode will be made with a new filming technique called ‘Ultramarionation’, the next stage in evolution from the famous ‘Supermarionation’ technique of Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet, using a combination of puppetry, practical effects, physical props and sets, and model miniatures.
Jamie Anderson, Managing Director of Anderson Entertainment and son of Gerry Anderson, MBE, says, “Raising the money we needed to get this project off the launchpad in less than 96 hours proves the support from hundreds of fans from all over the world for film-making methods using practical effects, miniatures and puppets. The talented team already assembled, including many from AP Films and Century 21 responsible for producing shows like Stingray, Captain Scarlet, Space: 1999 and Thunderbirds will now be joined by Hollywood prop maker Ken Palkow (Star Trek Into Darkness, Mission Impossible, Oblivion, X-Men: Days of Future Past) and Shane Rimmer and Matt Zimmerman, the voices of Scott and Alan Tracy in Thunderbirds.”
The campaign has now exceeded the minimum of £49,000 to produce a 5-8 minute minisode introducing some of the characters and storyline elements of the series. The next ‘stretch goals’ will allow for further development of characters and storyline, introducing further scenes and explosions up to a 22 minute pilot episode if £135,000 is raised and a full 45 minute feature episode if £342,000 is raised.
As Mr Anderson sums it up, “The worldwide support for Firestorm from Gerry Anderson fans has been fantastic, and we’re now hoping to raise enough money for a full-length feature episode.  With a fair wind and a bit more luck, Firestorm will be on your TV screen in the very near future!”
For further information, see   www.GerryAnderson.co.uk/Firestorm

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Alpha: 2014 Model Display Video!

     I had a nice Skype chat with Mike Burrows in the UK today in which we discussed the Alpha:  2014 convention celebrating all things Space:  1999.  Mike reports that is was an excellent event and a great time was had by all guests and attendees.  Although I couldn't attend, I found this great Youtube video of the model display.  It's easy to see why the event was so successful.  Many original miniatures, costumes, and sets on display.  Lets not leave out excellent guest such as actor Nick Tate  (chief astronaut Alan Carter) and actress Catherine Schell (gorgeous alien shape shifter Maya).  Gerry Anderson's phenomenal 70s space epic has maintained a strong fan following right into the 21st century and I couldn't be happier.  The Youtube video was put together by master modeler David Sisson.  Enjoy!


Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Running Press Dalek Is Ready To Exterminate!

      I recently picked purchased the Running Press Dalek Mega Mini Kit and it's really cool!  Running Press has produced numerous pop culture inspired mini kits including the cool Bat Signal I posted a while back.  As a Dalek fanatic; this little gem makes me very happy.  It's based on the bronze war era Dalek that made its first appearance in the 2005 episode aptly titled Dalek.  It has been a fixture of the current  Doctor Who episodes since that time.  Even the addition of the New Paradigm Daleks didn't completely eliminate the bronze Daleks from the series.  I happen to like the design quite a bit.
     Running Press has done a great job with the figure.  Very sturdy.  Nice details and paint.  The weapon and manipulator arms are poseable as is the head and eye stalk.  There are wheels on the underside so you can roll it about.  All in all, Running Press did a smashing job.  Like the Bat Signal before it; the Dalek came with 32 page color booklet that's very cool.  Check out the photos.  Enjoy!

Tonight Doctor Who Series 8 Episode Seven: Kill The Moon!

     Tonight The Doctor & Clara travel to the moon and face alien spiders!  Sounds good to me!  SF stories set on the moon are always cool in my book!  I'm also a sucker for spacesuits and this episode certainly has those! A great way to start off the month we associate with monsters and horror!  I've posted the trailer below.  Enjoy!

Takara's Hiller Flying Platform!

     I've long been a fan unusual aviation concepts, especially flying platforms.  It's such a cool, though highly impractical; concept.  In 1953 the Hiller Aircraft Corporation in conjuction with the Office of Naval Research (ONR) developed the VZ-1 Pawnee flying platform.  It looks really cool!  I've read that it was nearly impossible to fly properly.  A bit like piloting an over sized weed whacker. The Pima Air & Space Museum here in Tucson has one on display.  A few years back the Japanese company Takara released a series of trading kits featuring unusual military concepts which included the Hiller platform.  I love this little kit.  The details are amazing.  It certainly has a place of honor in my collection.  Check out the photos below and a video of the real deal in action.  Enjoy!

Stand By For Action! We're About To Launch The Matchbox Stingray!

     Well, I've finally been able to add the Matchbox Stingray and Terror Fish set to my collection.  I've been wanting it for many years and the time was finally right make it happen.  It's really a nice set.  The Stingray itself is well made and is nicely detailed.  The propulsion turbine revolves which is quite cool.  I would have preferred a bit more detailing around the main viewports, but that's a minor complaint.  All in all, it's a nice little replica.  I'll let my photos say the rest.  Enjoy!

New Thunderbirds Are Go 2015 Images!

     Just found some more FAB images from the upcoming Thunderbirds Are Go 2015 series.  We even have our first look at the heroic Tracy brothers.  From everything I've seen so far WETA and Pukeko Pictures are doing a fantastic job!  I just hope US fans like myself will have a chance to see the new series.  Between this and Firestorm, 2015 will be a phenomenal year for Jamie Anderson and Anderson Entertainment.  The 50th anniversary of Thunderbirds will be special indeed!  Enjoy!

TB1 just enough changes that the design looks updated without ignoring its predecessor.

TB2 is looking really good!

Still my favorite updated design.

Our boys in blue!  I like how their sashes have become functional LBVs.  I wonder if the boys will still carry sidearms.

I Pledged My Support To Firestorm Today!

     Talk is cheap, as they say; and actions speak louder than words.  I added my contribution to the Firestorm Kickstarter camapaign today!  This is certainly a first for me.  I REALLY want to see this project become a reality.  From the latest contribution figures, Jamie Anderson and Anderson Entertainment are well on their way to getting what they'll need to bring Firestorm to the screen.  I couldn't be happier!