Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tonight Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 5: Time Heist!

        I'm reasonably certain we all enjoy a good bank heist story.  I certainly do.  Set that heist story in the Doctor Who universe and you just know it'll be cool!  I'm certainly excited.  Even more exciting is the reference to Abslom Daak!  Daak was a comic strip character in Doctor Who magazine in the 80s.  A psychotic criminal turned Dalek killer!  His image appearing briefly on a screen in this episode would make the character canon with established Doctor Who events.  That's awesome!  So far Series 8 has been very good and expect tonight's episode will continue this trend.  I've included the trailer below.  Enjoy!

Abslom Daak as seen in the episode!

Abslom Daak Graphic Novel


  1. I'd missed the Daak reference. Good catch!

  2. Thanks! I do believe this makes Daak canon.