Saturday, September 6, 2014

Starbase Olympia Report: Prelude To Axanar!

      This week's Olympia Report is a little different yet so very cool!  In addition to some great images from Dan Foster's wonderful Trek collection, I also have a little film to present here.  To call what you are about to see a fan film doesn't do it any justice whatsoever.  This film is so well made I would put it alongside the very best Trek episodes or films.
      Prelude To Axanar is presented as a documentary you might find on the 23rd century equivalent of The History Channel.  It depicts a dark time in Federation history when Starfleet had to wage a war for survival against the Klingon Empire.  Brought to life by well-known actors and featuring amazing visual effects; this film is certainly worth 21 minutes of your time.  It's a chance to see the classic era of Star Trek in a fashion the original television producers could only dream of doing.  Dan advises me this was a crowd funded project and could lead to a longer feature project.  I would certainly love to see more.
     In honor of the classic series I present a gallery of images from Dan Foster's collection of the grand lady that gave form to our dreams of space exploration and aventure.  Enjoy the film and the model pics!

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  1. Great post Will. I do love the Enterprise, such a classic design and quite unlike any other spaceship. Star Trek was part of my DNA as a kid as it was for thousands of budding Kirks and Spocks. I can recall loads of individual TV episodes: the trouble with tribbles, Amok Spock? and the brilliant Arena, where Kirk's battles with the Alligator headed Gorn I think it was called. Good times|!