Saturday, September 27, 2014

Behold Firestorm! A New Gerry Anderson Project We Can Kickstart!

     2015 may well be remembered as the year of Gerry Anderson!  We'll not only celebrate the 50th anniversary of his most famous creation, Thunderbirds; we'll see the premiere of the new Weta produced series Thunderbirds Are Go!  We also have The new Gemini Force 1 novels as well as the Stephen La Riviere documentary Filmed in Supermarionation!  As Gerry Anderson fans, we have a lot to celebrate.   We even have the opportunity to help launch a new Anderson Entertainment project.  I'm talking about  Firestorm, a project that could bring the classic ideas of Gerry Anderson and Supermarionation into the 21st century.
     Firestorm actually began life in an unlikely way, as a 2003 Japanese animation series produced by Gerry Anderson and his business partner John Needham.  The series featured traditional hand drawn animation for the characters and cgi for the hardware.  It certainly had elements one would associate with classic Anderson shows,  but it felt a bit off.  Although the show utilized Gerry's ideas; they weren't fully utilized.  It felt like something crucial was missing.  It lasted 26 episodes and it wasn't even well received by its Japanese audience.  The series might have vanished into obscurity except for one thing;  the concept was good.  It just needed the right people to make it work.  The right people and the right format.
      Anderson Entertainment have  made the decision to give Firestorm another chance at life.  Utilizing the latest creative technologies Firestorm Could rise from the ashes with advanced practical miniature effects and puppetry techniques.  To do this, Anderson Entertainment needs our support.  On Sept 30th a Kickstarter campaign will commence to raise funding that will help make Firestorm a reality.  Until now I've never felt compelled to contribute to a Kickstarter campaign as there were no projects I felt strongly about.  I will definitely contribute to Firestorm.  I want very much to see this series done the way Gerry Anderson intended; his ideas and concepts intact.  I believe it's worth the effort.  I've included a link below about the project as well as a promo featuring Space: 1999 actor Nick Tate.  I will post more info as it becomes available.  For perspective I've included an episode of the Firestorm anime series. 

Nick Tate Firestorm Promo
   Episode 1 of the Firestorm anime series

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