Sunday, August 24, 2014

Thunderbirds Are Go 2015! The Full IR Fleet!

     As we edge ever closer to 2015, my excitement for the new Thunderbirds series increases.  These new images of International Rescue's iconic craft just feed that excitement like coal in a steam locomotive.  I want to thank Mike aka Scoop of the Project Sword Moonbase Central Blog for bringing these great images to my attention.  If these designs are anything to go by then it's clear that Gerry Anderson's creation is in good hands.  I tip my hat to Weta Workshop.  Enjoy!

Thunderbird 1.....High speed Reconnaissance and rescue command post

Thunderbird 2.....Heavy rescue equipment transporter

Thunderbird 3.....Space rescue ship

Thunderbird 4.....Undersea rescue craft
Tracy Island....Home base of International Rescue

1!........Thunderbirds Are Go!


  1. hmmm - not sure about 2 and 3 - very Lego like!

  2. I agree about TB3, but TB2 has really grown on me. The one that really has me shaking my head is TB5. That design could use some finesse. I absolutely love the new TB4!

  3. I hope some company does a die-cast model of Thunderbird 2!.

  4. Me too! I think it's a cool design! The only design I'm not keen on is TB5.