Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Unfortunate Cancellation Of The Wil Wheaton Project

     Actor, tabletop game expert, and all around cool geek, Wil Wheaton announced the cancellation of his SYFY network series The Wil Wheaton Project.  This program was a satirical look at the week in scifi, fantasy, and geek culture.  Modeled on programs like Talk Soup; it focused a comedic eye on geek movies, television, and celebrities.  I for one enjoyed it immensely.  Wheaton has a fine sense of humour and was very engaging as the show's presenter.  I like his Hulu series Tabletop quite a lot and recommend it to anyone interested in gaming.  Syfy really dropped the ball with this cancellation.  Considering what Syfy has become in recent years; I'm not too surprised by this.  They do seem to shun good programming.  I've included a link to Wil's blog entry below.

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