Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Konami Mark IX Hawk!

     A few months back I acquired the third and final Space: 1999 offering from Konami; the legendary Mark IX Hawk.  This Brian Johnson designed craft featured heavily in the episode Wargames.  The craft is a space superiority fighter in use by Earth during the time before the Moon is blasted out of orbit in Breakaway.  In  the series, Moonbase Alpha isn't equipped with any Hawks which is interesting since they would have been a huge asset in many episodes.  In Wargames they are under alien control and devastate Alpha in a matter of minutes.  A standard Eagle spacecraft is clearly no match for them.  It should be noted that in the various Space: 1999 comics, Alpha does have a squadron of Hawks in their inventory.
     There has been much fan speculation that the Hawk is an advanced version of the SHADO Interceptor from Gerry Anderson's previous series UFO.  I remember owning a set of Hawk blueprints years ago that stated exactly that.  Officially there is no connection  between Space: 1999 and UFO other than both shows being creations of Gerry Anderson.  It's still a very cool idea.
     The Konami model is of the same high quality of their previous Anderson offerings.  The details are amazing and certainly do justice to Brian Johnson's original design.  It's certainly a welcome addition to my collection.  Enjoy!

For comparison with the Konami Eagle Transporter and Rescue Eagle