Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Vivid Imaginations Joe 90 Jet Car is a real!

     I recently managed to get my hands on a diecast Joe 90 Jetcar produced by the Vivid Imaginations toy company.  I was familiar with the excellent Captain Scarlet diecast vehicle assortment they produced in the 90s, but I never knew about their Joe 90 toys.  Joe 90 was the last of the true Supermarionation series produced in 1968 by the legendary Gerry Anderson.  It was the story of 10 year old Joe McClaine whose brain could programmed with borrowed neural patterns enabling him to perform a variety of espionage operations.  Joe was the youngest member of the World Intelligence Network (W.I.N.)  It was a fun series that featured  a lot of amazing futuristic vehicles and hardware. 
     One such vehicle was the flying Jet Car designed and built by Joe's father Professor McClaine.  A cool design that combined elements of  an aircraft and a drag racer.  It appeared throughout the entire series run and was one the more memorable vehicles to emerge from the show.  Consequently it was one of only two  that would receive a toy treatment.  Dinky produced a diecast version of this and the automobile of character Sam Loover.
     The Vivid Imaginations toy seems to take a lot of its lead from the Dinky Toy.  Of particular note is the spring loaded mechanism that allows the toy to convert from ground mode to flight mode.  The details are really excellent including tiny sculpted figures in the cockpit.  Being a diecast toy it's very durable.  It also displays really well.  Enjoy!

The Vivid Imaginations Toy alongside the Konami model for comparison

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  1. Got both this and the earlier Dinky version. One of my favorite Anderson vehicle designs. Great toys when they came out. Great collectables now! I treasure mine!