Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Big Corgi Supermobile Is Here!

     Back in Oct of 2012 I posted an article about Superman's cool anti-kryptonite vehicle; the Supermobile and the diecast toy produced by Corgi.  The version I posted about was the rather small (Matchbox car sized) Corgi Jr. offering.  I have recently acquired its much larger Corgi counterpart.  I have been wanting to add to this to my collection for years, but in mint condition it can go for almost 200.00.  I acquired mine for a substantially lower cost and with little damage other than some paint issues.  Both of the fists are intact and the punching mechanism works fine.  It didn't come with the missiles that are standard when MIB.  Thankfully, Corgi missile accessories can often be found on Ebay.   The cockpit details and the painted Superman bust are really excellent.  Enjoy!

The two Supermobiles together for size comparison

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