Monday, March 3, 2014

The Amazing Hot Wheels Batmobile From Batman Forever!

   As big a fan of Batman as I happen to be; I still couldn't really enjoy the film Batman Forever.  Having said this; none of my disdain is leveled at the incarnation of the Batmobile featured in this film.  There was something really intriguing in this design.  the unusual ribbing and paneling made this a Batmobile by way of HR Giger.  It also seemed like a reasonable evolution of the Batmobile that originated Tim Burton's Batman films.  It's destruction in the film was so ridiculous I won't bother speaking of it here.
    The Hot Wheels toy is fantastic!  Durable and highly detailed.  The sliding canopy is a very nice touch. Hot Wheels hasn't disappointed me yet.   This was my second find at this year's Tucson Toy Show. The images below speak volumes.  Enjoy!


  1. Along with the classic 1966 Batmobile, this is among my favorites!

  2. It's a great design alright! Wasn't fond of the film though.