Monday, March 3, 2014

The 26th Annual Tucson Collectible Toy Show And Sale!

     Well, yesterday was annual Tucson Toy Show.  My Wendy and I went along with my podcast co host Tim Bergeron and his three year old son Bane.  It was a big show and there were, as the flyer above states; 400 tables.  I didn't take any still photos this year, but I shot some video which I'll be editing soon. I did manage to find cool stuff including a great vintage toy all of which I'll present over the next four articles.
      I just want to say that the annual Tucson show is a real mixed bag when it comes to selection.  If you're interested in diecast cars; thisnis defintitely the show for you.  Same if you're interested in dolls and trains.  As an avid SciFi toy collector it becomes more of a challenge.  There are certainly toys on display that fit my interests, but not in the same quantities as the other toy types I've mentioned.  Plenty of Star Wars, Transformers, DC and Marvel heroes, but not enough of the rare Japanese diecast space toys that interest me.  Still and all; a good show.  Looking forward to next year.

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