Friday, March 14, 2014

Go Forth Science Patrol! The Bandai DX Ultraman Jet VTOL Part Two! Space Mode!

     Well, here it is; the second part of my article about the Bandai DX Ultraman Jet VTOL.  On Dec 14, 2013 I wrote about the background of this cool aircraft from the 1966 Japanese SF series Ultraman and about the Bandai toy's basic features.  In this article I want to show the VTOL with its distinctive space booster; known on Ultraman as the Hydrogen Engine.  In Episode 16, Science Patrol Into Space; a civilian spacecraft is attacked by the Baltan Aliens and left adrift in deep space.  The only way to reach it successfully is with the experimental booster attachment.  It certainly looked cool in the show and it looks great on the Bandai VTOL.  Enjoy!

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