Monday, March 3, 2014

Forces of Vega Beware! Popynica Grendizer Is Here!

   I love Japanese Super Robots and Super Robot toys!  I was in the first generation of American fans to witness the arrival of the Super Robot stateside in the form of Mattel's Shogun Warriors lineup.  The Shogun Warriors were comprised of several different Super Robot franchises including Mazinger Z, Brave Reideen, Danguard Ace, and, of course; UFO Robo Grendizer!  The toy line included large robot figures and an assortment of diecast vehicles.  It was the diecast line that held my interest then and now.  The vehicles were produced by Popy Popynica and were amazing.  The Grendizer toy I'm featuring today came from that line.
    Grendizer was created by famed manga artist andnime producer Go Nagai in 1975.  It was the epic story of Duke Fleed; the sole survivor of a planet devastated by the Vegan Empire.  Duke escaped to Earth and continues to battle the Vegans with the Super Robot Grendizer.  A fantastic, giant robot that combined with a saucer shaped spacecraft that provided it with additional weapons and greater maneuverability.  Americans were able to watch Grendizer in the form of episode compilations produced by Jim Terry under the Force Five cartoon label.
     This toy was my single greatest find at this year's Tucson Toy Show.  Although it has some paint wear and a damaged wing button, the toy is in very good shape with no missing parts.  Usually when I see this oop the missiles and/or the robot figure are missing.  Not this time.  It's very sturdy, the missiles still fire as does the Grendizer robot itself.  I won't say how much the seller wanted compared to what I ended up paying, but I definitely channeled my inner Jordan Hembrough to score a major win.  I'll let my photos do the talking from here on out.  Enjoy!