Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Belated Yet Happy Birthday To Mike At The Project Sword Moonbase Central Blog!

     Tuesday Mar 11 was the birthday of  Mike Burrows (Scoop) from the Project Sword Moonbase Central Blog.  Although I was able to send him a birthday email on the appropriate day; this is was the soonest I could celebrate it here.  Mike is an amazing person with whom I've had many enjoyable Skype conversations.  When I was a guest on Moonbase Central's Swordcast; he was the host.  He and the other Moonbase staffers were also kind enough to appear on our Secret Space Base Podcast as well.  He also shares my enthusiasm for Doctor Who's most notorious enemies; The Daleks!  So here's to you my friend, Happy Birthday!


  1. I reckon Mike was thrilled with all the high fives on his birthday Will. I'll make sure he's seen this one. He got one very special gift during his weekend stay at my house, Moonbase, and also got himself some really gorgeous goodies at the Doncaster Toy fair whilst at Moonbase too. There'll be more on the these from Mike in the near future. Cheers.

  2. The Joe 90 U59 reminds me of the moon truck used in the film Prometheus. And MOON for that matter. Wonder where the designers actually got their inspiration from?

  3. Many thanks, Will, you're a star, and to Woodsy for giving me the heads up!

    I must say one thing that always amazes me about you is your enthusiasm and knowledge on 60's and 70's British TV and radio stuff, so chatting to you is a piece of (birthday) cake.

    Cheer again.