Sunday, February 2, 2014

Toy Hunter Season 3 Episode One Review Is Here!

    Travel Channel's amazing series Toy Hunter with Jordan Hembrough kicked off it's third season last Wednesday and it didn't disappoint. While working his booth at New York Comic Con; Jordan meets Darryl Mcdaniels of the legendary hiphop group Run DMC.  Darryl needs cool  toys for an important childrens charity he works with and Jordan's the only man for the job.  In addition to that, Darryl wants to accompany Jordan on the hunt.  Darryl certainly shares Jordan's enthusiasm for toys, but Jordan knows  to temper his enthusiasm with shrewd business skills. The people they meet and the toys they find are incredible.
     For me, half the fun of the show are the unbelievable toys that people have in their basements, attics, secret rooms, and storage sheds. This episode has some great toys on display including Mego Superheroes,  Mattel's Space: 1999 Eagle, and a rare Marx playset.  Plus, you learn some great toy trivia.  Ever wonder how Mego's Action Jackson doll got his name?  You'll find out in this episode.
      This was a great episode to star the season with.  Jordan's great personality and unrivaled knowledge of toys are all on display.  Travel channel continues to keep me as a viewer.  Here's to another season of cool locations, cool collectors, and of course; cool toys.
Jordan Hembrough at New York Comic Con 2013

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