Saturday, February 8, 2014

Popynica Has Got A Lot of GUTS Part Nine: The GUTS Helijet Connery!

      Well, it has taken a loooong time, but I have another Popynica GUTS vehicle to add to the blog.  It's the GUTS helijet Connery. It's a great design, but it only featured in three Ultraman Dyna episodes that I recall. Initially I translated the craft's name as Canary.  This made sense to me since the other craft were referred to as Eagles and  Canary would certainly be keeping with the bird theme.    I've been corrected by more than one source; so Connery it is. 
        I have long been  fan of ducted rotor VTOL craft and the Connery certainly delivers on this.  On Ultraman Dyna, the Connery is shown as a small reconnaissance craft needing only a two-person crew.  The toy, on the other hand; is implied to be a Thunderbird 2 like craft.  The toy has a rear cargo bay with smaller vehicles inside.  The 3 tiny plastic vehicles don't seem to correspond with anything else featured on Ultraman Dyna.  They're certainly neat, but I'm not sure what they're supposed to represent.
        The two rotor wing scan be raised and lowered.  The rotors can also be made to spin with the aid of two dials.  Like the other Super GUTS mecha; the Connery can be docked with the GUTS Eagle Beta.  The Connery is certainly another Popynica toy triumph.  It's durably made, displays well; and is a great edition to my GUTS mecha collection.  Enjoy!
Rotor Wings in raised position for docking with the GUTS Eagle Beta
The Connery in the show never seemed large enough to have a cargo bay or auxiliary vehicles

What the heck are they supposed to be?

Well, one of these is clearly a ground vehicle, but the others are a mystery

Two additional aircraft?  Sea vehicles?  Spaceships?

These vehicles don't appear in Ultraman Dyna to the best of my knowledge.

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