Saturday, February 8, 2014

My Review of The Lego Movie Is Here!

        I love Lego!  From the basic sets of my own childhood to the exciting themed sets of today!  There's nothing a creative builder can't bring to life with Lego.  Some builders like to assemble a Lego model according to the included instructions; others just dip into their creative wellsprings and assemble the unexpected.  I was the latter.  Is one method better than the other? That's one of the things The Lego Movie from Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow Pictures challenges us to consider.
     Our hero is a Lego everyman named Emmet.  A dedicated construction worker living in the city of Bricksburg.  Emmet, like everyone else in Bricksburg, lives his life according to rules and instructions.  Everyone greets the day, goes to work and spends their free time in strictly regimented fashion.  This suits Lord Business; the dictatorial leader of this world just fine.  He orders the destruction of all buildings, vehicles, and monuments that deviate from his idea of normalcy.  He plans to make these changes irreversible with a weapon known as the Kragle.
     After a seemingly normal work day; Emmet comes into contact with a strange relic known  as The Piece Of Resistance. He soon meets a mysterious woman named Wildstyle who believes him to be a legendary 'master builder' known as The Special.  The Special is the only being capable of using the Piece Of Resistance to defeat Lord Business and restore creative freedom to the Lego world.  Problem is, Emmet is a great builder only when he has instructions to work from.
      The pair are pursued through various Lego worlds by legions of robots led by the sinister Good Cop/Bad Cop. On his journey Emmet will be assisted by a vast variety of  master builders including Batman, Metalbeard the Pirate, Benny the 80's Lego Spaceman, and the blind prophet Vitruvius.  Emmet must combine what he knows about building from instructions with the unbridled creativity of the master builders to realize his destiny.
    Despite having a less than subtle similarity to The Matrix;  I loved this movie.  It was amazing.  The combination of cgi and stop motion animation made this film really stand out as  something refreshing.  The voice acting was really impressive.  Will Arnett's portrayal of Batman along with Morgan Freeman as Vitruvius made this movie very enjoyable.  Liam Neeson was also fantastic as Good Cop/Bad cop.  Batman does steal the show though.  The soundtrack by Mark Mothersbaugh will be stuck in your head long after the film ends.
      I can't recommend this movie enough.  It'll definitely entertain younger viewers and keep adults interested as well.  You'll need a keen eye to catch all of the cameos,  but it's worth it.  Go see The Lego Movie; your inner master builder will thank you.

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