Saturday, January 18, 2014

Meddings on My Mind!

    It's no secret that I'm  a huge fan of visual effects and especially miniature effects.  As we move forward into a world dominated by digital effects and CGI; I grow more fond of the films and television shows that relied  on practical effects and miniatures.  One the greatest miniature effects artists in the business was Derek Meddings. 
     In my opinion his work deserves every bit as much credit as Ray Harryhausen, Willis O'brien, and Eiji Tsuburaya.  His effects work was crucial to the success of Gerry Anderson's Supermarionation shows of the 60's.  Although his amazing resume includes numerous classic James Bond films, and the Superman films; it's his Supermarionation work that I love most of all.  Not only did he bring cinema quality miniature effects to the small screen; he also brought an amazing sense of design to the shows he helped realize.  That's what I want to focus on here.
       Below are a sampling of the amazing sketches created by Derek Meddings that helped bring Thunderbirds, Captain  Scarlet, and UFO to life.  I firmly believe these shows simply would not have been possible without Meddings' incredible skill and imagaination.  Enjoy!

Derek Meddings preparing a miniature Fireflash airliner for filming on Thunderbirds

Meddings original design sketch for the Fireflash airliner
Meddings original design sketches for Thunderbird 2
The final design for Thunderbird 2
Original concept sketch for the Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle that featured in Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons
Concept sketch of the amazing Jetcar from Joe 90
Concept sketch of the SHADO Lunar Interceptor from UFO.  The design notes are really interesting as well
Concept sketch for SHADO's Skydiver submarine from UFO
Concept sketch of the EUROSEC rocket from the film Doppelganger aka Journey to the Far Side of the Sun
Concept design for futuristic jeep that featured in both Doppelganger and UFO.


  1. When an individuals' work becomes iconic, regardless of the industry they served, it is a very special tribute to that person.

  2. Agreed my friend. Meddings' work truly stands the test of time.

  3. Great post Will. Meddings was a genius and surrounded himself with brilliant people making the whole a wondrous thing. We were the Meddings generation and our sense of future was razor sharp because of it. The NASA moonlanding simply made it official!

  4. I couldn't have put it any better my friend.