Saturday, December 14, 2013

Merry Christmas from Godzilla!! The 2006 Carlton Cards Godzilla Ornament

   In 2006 Carlton Cards released a really nice Godzilla Christmas Tree Ornament.  While I don't necessarily consider Godzilla the symbol of Peace on Earth or Good Will Toward Men; he does make a really nice ornament.  The Carlton ornament depicts the Heisei (90s) version of Godzilla which  is a really striking design.  The ornament also has  a small sound effect feature of godzilla's roar and his iconic theme.  I wonder if Toho Studios ever imagined that their most iconic creation would one day be an American Christmas ornament.  Great decoration for a cool and geeky Christmas.  Enjoy!

Forget Santa!!  I'm coming to town!  All mankind is on my Naughty List!!!

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