Saturday, December 14, 2013

Konami UFO SHADO Lunar Module!

    In our last entry we featured the Konami trading kit for the SHADO Lunar Carrier from Gerry Anderson's SF drama UFO.  This time we'll tackle the Lunar Module.  This isn't so much a trading kit on its own, but rather a detachable part of the Lunar Carrier kit.  It looks so cool I figure it deserved its own blog entry.  Like the Lunar Carrier from which it detaches, the Lunar Module has a very distinctive orange Paint job.  It's designed to travel on its own from Earth's upper atmosphere all the way to SHADO's moonbase.  The design gives one the impression of a mechanized big-mouth bass; especially when viewed from the front. It also looks like a fairly cramped ride for whoever is traveling aboard it.
     Despite its very tiny size it's a highly detailed model.  Konami really does a very good job where detailing is concerned.  This is especially important when the model is just slightly larger than a penny.  Enjoy!

Early Derek Meddings concept illustration for the Lunar Carrier and Module

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