Saturday, December 14, 2013

Konami Joe 90 Mac's Jet Car!

   Lets talk about another Konami trading kit from the world of Gerry Anderson.  Up next is the convertible Jet Car from the 1968 supermarionation adventure series Joe 90.  Joe 90 was the story of 10 year international espionage agent Joe McClaine.  That's right  10 year old Joe traveled the world carrying out missions for the World Intelligence Network (W.I.N.) under the command of American Sam Loover.  Literally referred to in the series as Uncle Sam.  Real subtlety there.  How can this be, you ask?  Well, Joe's father, Professor mcClaine; has built a machine that can transfer the brain patterns and thereby the knowledge and expertise of anyone in the world into Joe's schoolboy brain.  For instance, Joe can be programmed with the knowledge of a Soviet test pilot and be sent to steal the latest Mig fighter. 
    One of the great designs from the series was Prof. McClaine's convertible Jet Car.  A ground vehicle capable of convrting into a low altitude VTOL craft.  It was certainly one of Derek Medding's more unconventional designs and it really looked striking on screen.  Konami did a great job on the kit even if it's only the car's ground mode.  Nice details.  Enjoy!

Flight mode for comparison