Sunday, December 15, 2013

Japanese Gerry Anderson Books Part One!

    I've noticed that over the last over the last 30 or so years; the very best books relating to Gerry Anderson shows have been published in Japan.  Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, and Captain Scarlet are still very popular in Japan to this day.  I've made it a point to collect as many of these books and magazines as I can.  Here's a small sample of what I've so far acquired.  Enjoy!

ITC SF Mecha Graffiti.  Great Photo reference of Anderson hadware from Supercar up to Terrahawks

A great book published by Model Graphix magazine.  Great references  for the Anderson model hobbyist

Reivsed of edition of Model Graphix previous book.  More model references and illustrations

ITC Machine Library.  Diagrams and other illustrations for the serious model builder.


  1. Ah, these are the stuff of legend Will/ I'm so jealous! They must be brilliant! I have to ask, is there any SWORD in there?

  2. Sadly, these books have no Project Sword References. One of my more recent acquisitions (which I'll be posting soon) does make mention of Sword.