Saturday, December 14, 2013

Go Forth Science Patrol! The Bandai DX Ultraman Jet VTOL Part One!

    I've made no secret of how much I enjoy Tsuburaya Productions 1967 SF series Ultraman.  It made a huge impact on me as a kid.  Giant monsters, giant alien heroes, and awesome futuristic hardware.  In my opinion it still stands the test of time.  In the series,  Earth is defended my the Science Patrol (Science Special Search Party in the original Japanese version).  Their primary form of transportation is the Jet VTOL; an aircraft equipped with laser weapons and missiles.
    Many toys and models have been produced of it in Japan over the last 47 years.  I own quite a few myself.  The one I'm featuring today is the Bandai DX Light and Sound VTOL from 1992.  It features light-up laser cannons, as well as acceleration and deceleration sound effects.  It can also be assembled into spaceflight mode which I'll feature in a separate article.  It 's certainly a great looking toy in my opinion.  Enjoy!

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