Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Everybody!

   I just want to wish all of my readers a Very Merry Christmas!  I also want to wish a big Happy Holidays to the great guys over at the Project Sword Moonbase Blog!  I've added a few holiday treats below for your listening and viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!

 Ultraman, Ultramonsters, and a Christmas Angel!

The Six Million Dollar Man Saves Christmas!

Stingray Episode:  A Christmas To Remember!

The animated portion of the Star Wars Holiday Special!

MST3K Santa Claus Conquers The Martians!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Japanese Gerry Anderson Books Part One!

    I've noticed that over the last over the last 30 or so years; the very best books relating to Gerry Anderson shows have been published in Japan.  Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, and Captain Scarlet are still very popular in Japan to this day.  I've made it a point to collect as many of these books and magazines as I can.  Here's a small sample of what I've so far acquired.  Enjoy!

ITC SF Mecha Graffiti.  Great Photo reference of Anderson hadware from Supercar up to Terrahawks

A great book published by Model Graphix magazine.  Great references  for the Anderson model hobbyist

Reivsed of edition of Model Graphix previous book.  More model references and illustrations

ITC Machine Library.  Diagrams and other illustrations for the serious model builder.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Secrets of the Science Patrol Headquarters! Vintage Ultraman art!

  Here's a great cutaway illustration of the Science Patrol headquarters from Ultraman.  This is really cool!  I found this while looking for something completely unrelated on Bing.  I'd certainly like to know what book this is from.  Tsuburaya Productions licensed a ton of tie-in merchandise even in the early days of the series.  Enjoy!

Konami Joe 90 Mac's Jet Car!

   Lets talk about another Konami trading kit from the world of Gerry Anderson.  Up next is the convertible Jet Car from the 1968 supermarionation adventure series Joe 90.  Joe 90 was the story of 10 year international espionage agent Joe McClaine.  That's right  10 year old Joe traveled the world carrying out missions for the World Intelligence Network (W.I.N.) under the command of American Sam Loover.  Literally referred to in the series as Uncle Sam.  Real subtlety there.  How can this be, you ask?  Well, Joe's father, Professor mcClaine; has built a machine that can transfer the brain patterns and thereby the knowledge and expertise of anyone in the world into Joe's schoolboy brain.  For instance, Joe can be programmed with the knowledge of a Soviet test pilot and be sent to steal the latest Mig fighter. 
    One of the great designs from the series was Prof. McClaine's convertible Jet Car.  A ground vehicle capable of convrting into a low altitude VTOL craft.  It was certainly one of Derek Medding's more unconventional designs and it really looked striking on screen.  Konami did a great job on the kit even if it's only the car's ground mode.  Nice details.  Enjoy!

Flight mode for comparison

Konami UFO SHADO Lunar Module!

    In our last entry we featured the Konami trading kit for the SHADO Lunar Carrier from Gerry Anderson's SF drama UFO.  This time we'll tackle the Lunar Module.  This isn't so much a trading kit on its own, but rather a detachable part of the Lunar Carrier kit.  It looks so cool I figure it deserved its own blog entry.  Like the Lunar Carrier from which it detaches, the Lunar Module has a very distinctive orange Paint job.  It's designed to travel on its own from Earth's upper atmosphere all the way to SHADO's moonbase.  The design gives one the impression of a mechanized big-mouth bass; especially when viewed from the front. It also looks like a fairly cramped ride for whoever is traveling aboard it.
     Despite its very tiny size it's a highly detailed model.  Konami really does a very good job where detailing is concerned.  This is especially important when the model is just slightly larger than a penny.  Enjoy!

Early Derek Meddings concept illustration for the Lunar Carrier and Module

Konami UFO SHADO Lunar Carrier!

   It's time for another Konami trading kit from Gerry Anderson's SF drama UFO.  This time we have SHADO's very cool Lunar Carrier.  This was one of my favorite vehicles on the show.  A large VTOL lifting body that carried SHADO's lunar transfer vehicle (referred to in the series the Lunar Module) into the upper atmosphere where it would detach and travel to their moonbase.  This craft didn't feature in a lot of scenes, but it looked great when it did.  The orange paint job gave it a very distinctive appearance.
    The Konami trading kit is very nice.  It may be small, but it has a lot of detail which is indicative of Konami craftsmanship.  It even has a detachable Lunar Module which I'll feature in a separate article.  Enjoy!

Starbase Olympia Report: Hot Wheels Enterprise D!

    I remember when Star Trek The Next Generation premiered in 1987.  It was a very exciting time to be a Trek fan.  We still had the original series and the movies and now a whole new chapter set 100 years after Kirk's era was beginning.  As a hardware fan my first concern was the design of the new Enterprise.   I wasn't disappointed.  It had all the basic design characteristics of the previous Enterprise; only larger and more graceful.  It really was a sight to behold.
     Thanks to Dan Foster we have a chance to look upon the Hot Wheels Enterprise D.  Hot Wheels certainly did an excellent job; it's a durable and highly detailed model/toy.  It certainly does credit to its screen counterpart.   I really need to get on the ball and start collecting these myself.  Thanks again to Dan  Foster for his contributions to the blog.

The Enterprise D was actually the only screen Enterprise to feature Saucer Separation

Go Forth Science Patrol! The Bandai DX Ultraman Jet VTOL Part One!

    I've made no secret of how much I enjoy Tsuburaya Productions 1967 SF series Ultraman.  It made a huge impact on me as a kid.  Giant monsters, giant alien heroes, and awesome futuristic hardware.  In my opinion it still stands the test of time.  In the series,  Earth is defended my the Science Patrol (Science Special Search Party in the original Japanese version).  Their primary form of transportation is the Jet VTOL; an aircraft equipped with laser weapons and missiles.
    Many toys and models have been produced of it in Japan over the last 47 years.  I own quite a few myself.  The one I'm featuring today is the Bandai DX Light and Sound VTOL from 1992.  It features light-up laser cannons, as well as acceleration and deceleration sound effects.  It can also be assembled into spaceflight mode which I'll feature in a separate article.  It 's certainly a great looking toy in my opinion.  Enjoy!

Legendary Pictures Godzilla 2014 Trailer is here!

  Well, the trailer for Legendary Pictures 2014 Godzilla film has made its debut.  I very much want this to be a good movie.  I'm a huge fan of Toho's giant monster films and their greatest creation Godzilla.  I still feel really burned by Tristar's 1998 cinematic insult to the world's greatest giant monster.  I'm going to remain optimistic about this new film.  The new Godzilla will hit the big screen in May which is still a ways off.  Until then, here's the trailer.  Enjoy!

Good or bad; we'll find out this May

Merry Christmas from Godzilla!! The 2006 Carlton Cards Godzilla Ornament

   In 2006 Carlton Cards released a really nice Godzilla Christmas Tree Ornament.  While I don't necessarily consider Godzilla the symbol of Peace on Earth or Good Will Toward Men; he does make a really nice ornament.  The Carlton ornament depicts the Heisei (90s) version of Godzilla which  is a really striking design.  The ornament also has  a small sound effect feature of godzilla's roar and his iconic theme.  I wonder if Toho Studios ever imagined that their most iconic creation would one day be an American Christmas ornament.  Great decoration for a cool and geeky Christmas.  Enjoy!

Forget Santa!!  I'm coming to town!  All mankind is on my Naughty List!!!