Saturday, November 16, 2013

While We're on The Subject of Yamato; Here's Their Robot, Analyzer!

    One of the really neat characters on Space Battleship Yamato was their resident robot, Analyzer (IQ9 in the Star Blazers dub).  Despite being a robot he was an inveterate skirt chaser and was in love with one of the ship's female crew members.  I really like the character's design. Very rugged looking and in the show he could certainly take  a lot of punishment.  Thankfully, he was included in the updated series Yamato 2199.  The toy I'm displaying today was produced by Banpresto (makers of my favorite video game series Super Robot Taisen).  Just like its television counterpart; the toy can be dismantled into three parts.  In the show he did this to fit into tight spaces such as the  backseat of aircars.  Although the toy isn't exactly poseable, it certainly looks good on my Yamato shelf.  Enjoy!

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