Saturday, November 16, 2013

We're Off To Outer Space! Space Battleship Yamato, Yamato 2199, and Star Blazers

   I've been a longtime fan of Space Battleship Yamato.  The original 1974 series, its sequels, the english dub Star Blazers were great entertainment.  The story follows the mission to save humanity from extinction at the hands of the ruthless alien Gamilas (Gamilons in Star Blazers).  The star of the show was the Yamato; a powerful space battle ship constructed from the remains of its WW2 namesake.  The American dub was very good too and didn't edit out most of the death and destruction from the original Japanese version.  The Japanese have recently re imagined the series as Yamato 2199.  The original plot remains intact as do most of the original characters.  Using CGI for the space battles was a good move.  The best news is that Voyager Entertainment, the company that holds the rights to Yamato in the US; will be releasing Yamato 2199 stateside as Star Blazers 2199.  I've decided the post the openings to the original Yamato 1974, Yamato 2199, and Star Blazers for comparison.  Enjoy!

1974 Series
Yamato 2199
Star Blazers

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