Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Origins of Doctor Who...An Adventure In Space And Time!

   My Wendy and I just finished watching An Adventure In Space And Time; the BBC's docudrama about the origin and early years of Doctor Who.   It was brilliant!  Like many older, American fans; I didn't see Doctor Who until the Third Doctor's tenure.  I missed out on the First Doctor and the serials that would set the stage for all that came later in Doctor Who.  Watching this film reinforces the respect I have for all that have worked so hard to put good science fiction programs on television.  Getting Doctor Who on the air was clearly not an easy process.  Keeping it going was an even greater challenge.  I highly recommend this film.  It's not always a happy story to watch, but it's certainly worth watching.


  1. I agree Will, this programme was excellent. Very poignant at times. Verity and the Doctor were great friends by the looks of things and friends parting is very sad. The programme was really well acted. For me it was far better than the Day of the Doctor, which was enjoyable but a bit messy, John Hurt lent it some much needed Gravitas.

  2. I agree about John Hurt completely. An Adventure in Space and Time certainly had a bigger impact on me. I was particularly impressed with the portrayal of Verity Lambert. The moment she realizes just how popular the Daleks were becoming is priceless.