Saturday, November 16, 2013

Starbase Olympia Report: USS Enterprise vs USS Vengeance

   I enjoyed Star Trek Into Darkness.  It had a lot of great moments.  My favorite scene is displayed above.  The David vs Goliath confrontation between the USS Enterprise and the USS Vengeance.  Dan, as always, has been kind enough to provide photos of his Hot Wheels Enterprise and Vengeance.   They're in scale with each other which is doubly cool.  I do enjoy the complexity of the Vengeance design.  Hot Wheels Trek replicas reflect their screen counterparts very nicely.  I wish to thank Dan for his contributions to the blog.  You're the best my friend.


  1. More to come this weekend. I'll be putting more of Dan's collection including his Southbend Enterprise.

  2. is this in any way for sale and if not dont be rude