Saturday, November 30, 2013

Starbase Olympia Report: TMP Enterprise Toys Part One!

    December of 1979 was an important month for Trek fans young and old as it saw the release of Star Trek The Motion Picture (TMP).  I certainly remember how excited I was when my family went to see it.  Not only was I a spaceship fanatic at that age; I was also obsessed with understanding special effects.  This film certainly catered to both those obsessions.  I loved the new Enterprise design!  It was still very recognizable when compared to its television counterpart, but imbued with a new sleekness and grace.   
    There were two Enterprise toys released in conjunction with the film. First off, the South Bend Electronic Enterprise.  Alas, I never owned it myself.  For this reason it has achieved a legendary status in my memories.  The South Bend toy was especially cool in that it could be disassembled and reconfigured as different Starfleet styled ships. It had great sound effect features as well.   It's very rare these days.  I imagine a collector would pay a hefty price for one MIB.   Thankfully, Dan has been generous enough to send photos of his South Bend Enterprise for our enjoyment.  Due to its fragile condition; Dan has it permanently suspended from his hobby room ceiling.  Thank you very much Dan!  Tomorrow we'll take a look at Dan's Dinky diecast TMP Enterprise.  I've also included the original trailer for Star Trek The Motion Picture.  Enjoy!

It's a very nice representation of its movie counterpart

With the exception of slightly shorter nacelles it's not too dissimilar from the film
Extra slots along the saucer and secondary hull allowed reconfiguration of  nacelles for cool starship customization

Speaker for cool sound effects!
Slot for 9 volt battery!
A great trailer!


  1. That is one cool toy!!! I remember building the old AMT Enterprise and Klingon Bird of Prey. Unfortunately I didn't do them justice but they still provide warm memories!

  2. I'll pass your kind words along to Dan. Tomorrow we'll be taking a look at his Dinky Enterprise and Klingon warship.