Saturday, November 9, 2013

Starbase Olympia Report: Romulan Taskforce Entering The Neutral Zone!

    Dan Foster in Olympia, Washington has sent me another great shot from his starship collection.  This week we have a very impressive Romulan Taskforce.  I'd really hate to be the Starfleet officer assigned to the Observer Post who sees that on the main viewer.  The miniatures are from various manufacturers, but I'll let Dan desribe that in his own words.  Enjoy!

The two D'Deridex in the top row are from the Wizkids "Heroclix Tactics" line, as are the Romulan D7 variants.  Those two are custom painted from the Klingon versions though.  The "Winged Defender" is a reproduction of the old FASA version by an independent producer called "Future Legend."  I have a few of their ships, and they are very good.  Again, custom paint.
The two TOS Birds of Prey are from the Micro Machines line, and appear as purchased.  The 22nd Century BoP are produced by Wizkids for the "Fleet Captains" boxed set.  These are the same molds as both the "Heroclix Tactics" and the new "Attack Wing" game, but different stats on the dial.  Also, those come molded in green plastic with no detail, so I have painted those as well.

The four D'Deridex Warbirds in front are also custom painted from the Wizkids "Fleet Captains" set, as are two of the scouts and both science ships (the science version has the flat tail and a different nosepiece).  The other scout is "Tactics" and the Valdore class up front is a custom painted "Fleet Captains" version.

Hope this helps!

Also, I have been using these as minis to play the Starfleet: A Call to Arms tabletop minis game by Mongoose Games.  It's a faster set of rules than "Starfleet Battles" but feels more like a space game than the standard Heroclix rules do.



  1. Have you heard of/seen reviews for Artimis (Video Game - Spaceship Bridge Simulator)? I know the move from tabletop to real-time is a hop, but it allows for some incredible immersion.

  2. I'm not familiar with it, but it sounds amazing.

  3. What a neat collection - Starfleet beware!!