Saturday, November 2, 2013

Starbase Olympia Report: Hot Wheels USS Kelvin

     My friend Dan Foster in Olympia, Washington has been kind enough to send photos from his excellent collection of Star Trek starship miniatures.  The first one that I'd like to share with you is the Hot Wheels USS Kelvin from the 2009 Star Trek film.  Although it was only featured in the film's prologue; it made a huge impact on me.   It's a really amazing design; easily my favorite in the film. James Kirk's father George sacrificed himself and the Kelvin to protect a group of evacuating shuttlecraft.  Eleven minutes of awesome.  Although I don't yet own it; the Hot Wheels Kelvin is a very well made model.  It's an  excellent representation of its screen counterpart. Thanks for the photos Dan! Enjoy!


  1. The Star Trek and Star Wars franchises are one's in which I've had to make a conscious decision NOT to collect. Not because I don't like them - quite the contrary - it's because there are far too many cool things to buy and unfortunately I don't have a warehouse to store them all :-) Many Thanx to Dan for the photos and to to you Will for sharing!

  2. Expect a lot more coming up. Dan has sent me quite a few photos and they're all very cool.