Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy Fiftieth Anniversary Doctor Who!

   I just wanted to take this opportunity to say Happy 50th Birthday to television's longest, ongoing science fiction adventure serial, Doctor Who.  To think, television's most unique and engaging space adventure series first aired this very day in 1963.  50 years of time travel, alien locales, horrifying monsters, and alien invasions.  It may have begun as a uniquely British series, but it has become a global sensation. Entire volumes have been written about this series and it's title character so I won't rehash what most of you already  know.  Instead, Scoop over at the Project Sword Moonbase Blog wrote a very nice article for which I've included the link below.  Enjoy!

The eleven actors who have played The Doctor during his 50 years on television

An Amazing fan-made animated montage


  1. Happy Birthday Doctor ! and Welcome to the New Doctor !!

  2. I like Dr. Who and I love Daleks, but in the [global] mass hysteria surrounding tonight's episode (those Scandinavians who don't have it on TV got it in selected Cinemas) and the 'modern' incarnation forget that the BBC scrapped it, spent years refusing to have anything to do with it, adopted a bah-humbug attitude to it, dismissed the fans as ageing idiots who hadn't quite grown-up and then, when they spotted the commercial opportunities (which seem to have come of age tonight); dumped the only company that had continued to carry the torch - Dapol

    What we have here - no matter how well acted or funded - is a triumph of global marketing. This is about follow-on products, foreign TV Station licenses and DVD sales, it's not about the first 7 Doctors, nor about you or me, just our money!

    (Call me Scrooge and wake me in the New Year!)

  3. There is a great deal of truth in what you say. I love Doctor Who, how it affected me as a child, and how it has followed me into middle age. My fond memories of this character (especially his third and fourth incarnations) are what I celebrate this day.