Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Rather Speedy Tortoise Revisited

       On Mar 15, 2011 I posted an article featuring the Tortoise automobile from the 1968 Tsuburaya television series Operation Mystery.  It's the patrol car for the Scientific Research Institute (SRI).  I have since learned from blog reader Steve Michelsen that the car was a heavily customized Subaru 360.  This was confirmed from a Japanese book on fictional TV vehicles entitled Super Machine.  Steve was kind enough to send a picture of his very own Subaru 360.  Thank you Steve for your kind contribution.  Enjoy!
The Tortoise as it appeared in Operation Mystery

Steve Michelsen's very own Subaru 360

My own model of the Tortoise


  1. Even though I'm not familiar with the series the car looks cool!

  2. It's neato alright! This was the only really high tech vehicle in the show.